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Fiona Onasanya: Jailed MP protests innocence on YouTube

A petition that could force a by-election and unseat Fiona Onasanya as an MP will open on Tuesday.

Man's 400-mile drive to help stranger visit dying mother

Dean Moore took a woman from Teesside to Cambridge so she could visit her dying mother.

Peterborough man arrested on suspicion of making explosives

The bomb disposal unit was called to a house in Peterborough to investigate a suspicious package.

David Parr: Artist's 'awe' at 1880s artisan decorated house

Victorian artisan David Parr covered the walls of his ordinary terraced house with lavish patterns.

Tommy Robinson loses Cambridgeshire Police harassment case

English Defence League's ex-leader claimed he was targeted by Cambridgeshire Police for his beliefs.

Ely Sainsbury's cat Garfield holds 'book signing'

The cat, called Garfield, has 5,000 Facebook followers and a new book about his adventures in a supermarket.

Peregrine falcon rescued from Cambridgeshire tree-top trauma

The protected bird of prey became trapped when its ankle strap got tangled in branches.

Schools' climate strike: East of England pupils protest

It is the second protest of its kind in recent weeks calling on governments to tackle pollution.